Monday, May 21, 2012

Off again today

Today is our anniversary, but since I'm heading out of town again today, the Husband made a nice dinner last night and we sat afterward out on the front porch sipping glasses of cold Prosecco and watching the butterflies in the oak tree in the yard.  We talked about where we thought we'd be this year, and how things have all changed.

We were just about to be in the best financial position ever...making good money, living in a house we loved with cheap rent, no debt, and looking forward to rebuilding, maybe buying a house in the country and renovating, or maybe a downtown loft...whatever we wanted.  We had nothing but money and time.

Now, with the move to California, we're going the opposite direction.  The rent on the new house will be almost double what we're used to paying, and Peaches' private school will eat up the rest.  The cost of living adjustments that we'll be getting will be eaten up completely by the simple fact that California has state income tax and Texas doesn't.  We will be starting completely fresh, again, but with a lot less that we have here.

And for some reason, both of us are totally okay with this and we know that one way or another, in our own chaotic way, we will work it out.

Just looking back to recap this month for a sec.

The first week, I spent the weekend (and then some) in Las Vegas working at a convention.
The following week, the Husband had to head off to California for work.
 This past weekend was a flurry of packing, moving boxes, running back and forth to the storage locker and attending not two but three going-away parties.

And today, May 21 (also our anniversary...), I'm heading out of town for two days.  Destination: beautiful Winnipeg.  I'm thankful that it's only for two days, and that I'm going in late May instead of, I don't know, late January.  Remember that trip I took to Toronto last year?  Back here in Texas it was well into Spring, but Winter was taking a long vacation up there.  Super nice people, though, and at least there were no mosquitoes and I got to meet my cousins.

I'm fairly certain I don't have any cousins in Winnipeg, and I've got a bottle of extra-strength mosquito repellent.  I've heard about how big they can get up there and I'd hate to get carried away.

But I hear the people are super nice.

Oh, back to this I'm back on Thursday, the movers start packing Friday, and next week we will be passing the keys to the Sweet House to another family in need of healing.  I hope this becomes a pattern.

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