Saturday, April 9, 2011

North of the Border

Those of you who have a blog of your own know that you get to see all kinds of cool blog stats.  One of my favorites is that I can see what country people are reading from.  So far, I've seen that I've had visitors from Hungary, Japan, England, Australia, and of course, Canada.  I think this is incredibly cool.  For one thing, those of you in Australia, I'm so incredibly jealous of you.  I want to go to Australia so badly it makes my stomach hurt.  The problem is, because of my job, it's hard for me to justify going to Australia at my own expense when chances are as soon as I get back I'll find out that I have to go there on business anyway.  Besides, I'd have to take my family with me because they want to go to Australia just as badly as I do.

Those of you in other countries, don't feel bad.  I got to visit Budapest once and it was amazing.  And Japan, well, I'm just assuming that some day I'll go to Japan and I will love it and never want to leave.  But I guess at this point, I'm just taking each country as it comes.

But of course, as you saw from my last post, I'm in Canada right now.  So to all of my readers on this side of the border, Hi! It's nice to be here!  The people here are so sweet, even the Immigration people in the airport.  Even the striking workers at the car rental were polite. 

Unfortunately, I'm not in central Toronto, like I was last time I was here.  Last time, I got to stay at the Marriott on Bloor Street.  This time, I'm in Brampton, which, I'm sorry to say, isn't as exciting.  I'm sure that Brampton is quite lovely, but I happen to be in a hotel that's right next to the far side of the airport, next to the DHL warehouse and not too close to anything else.  I do intend to do some exploring, of course, but I purposely got here a day early because I really wanted to see Niagara Falls.  After all, I'm already married, so it's too late for me to honeymoon there.

Other than that, my time here will be spent working, but who knows?  It's a small world.  Maybe I'll see some of you while I'm out and about.  I'll be the one with the accent.


  1. God damn, that is beautiful. Yeah ya know maybe it makes me an awful person, but if someone told me I was getting a free trip to Jakarta, I would totally have to think about if I were as strong as Peaches and was going to decide to not cry as I asked, "Do I HAVE to go, or can I opt out?"

  2. Welcome to Toronto! Or at least the GTA...I hope you get to Niagara Falls. It's not a terribly long drive from Brampton, and today at least was nice so I hope you got to enjoy it!

  3. I did! It was really cold, but the falls were spectacular. I'm just sad that the boats weren't running, but I consoled myself with a donut from Tim Horton's and a ride on the Skywheel.

  4. Hello there from outside the GTA! Glad you liked the falls!

    And if you take lots of pics of the manic driving conditions in Jakarta, you can show them to all those jealous people. Or get a laugh, one of the two. :-)